TRIP POSTPONED | Suriname | August 1 - 8, 2020

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About the Trip

In collaboration with Newmont Goldcorp, Project C.U.R.E conducted its first-ever clinic to Suriname in March 2015 with follow-up trips in June 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019. Join us in 2020, as we address the needs of the population through our primary care clinics. Suriname is little known and traveled with a diverse culture and beautiful natural environment. Not only will you have the opportunity to interact with unique local communities, but you will also be actively participating in fostering change in the global health sector by promoting awareness and educational training. Don’t miss this exciting new adventure in the Amazon to provide health and hope while experiencing the splendor of the South American landscape!

About the Country

Located on the northeastern coast of South America, The Republic of Suriname is a country that is vastly different than its neighbors. Bordered by Brazil, Guyana, and French Guiana, it is the smallest sovereign state in South America and the only Dutch-speaking country in the Americas. Since its independence from the Netherlands in 1975, Suriname has been associated with the other Caribbean countries and participates in frequent trade and cultural exchanges with other Caribbean nations. Suriname’s history differs greatly from its South American neighbors, and this diversity has created a vibrant and unique culture in the country.

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The Program Cost

Your tax-deductible donation to participate on a Project C.U.R.E. Clinics Trip to Suriname is $800. This program cost covers all accommodations, meals, clean water, and transportation once in-country, including internal airfare, buses/cars/taxies, fuel costs, drivers, tips, and boats/ferries (when applicable). Program costs also include the coverage of translators, medications, C.U.R.E. Kits, Kits for Kids, travel and evacuation insurance, Safe Traveler Enrollment Program (STEP) with the State Department, medical license transfer procedures, departure travel packet with Project C.U.R.E. scrub set, and all associated shipping costs. Additionally, tour guides and small touristic excursions and activities are included. Please note alcohol, internet access, laundry, and personal souvenirs are not covered in the program cost.

You will need to arrange your own international airfare to and from Suriname. International airfare, visa fees and vaccinations are NOT included in the Program Cost. The team leader will meet you in the baggage claim area of Paramaribo (Johan Adolf Pengel) International Airport (PBM), and from there you will travel together to your accommodations. Should you prefer Project C.U.R.E to arrange your international airfare and trip in full, you can use Project C.U.R.E.'s travel agency for a fee of $30, in addition to the cost of airfare. Be sure to notify us if you would prefer this option. The suggested flight itinerary can be found HERE.

Sample Trip Itinerary

Day 1: Your adventure begins as you depart on your flight from the USA to the country of Suriname in South America. Land in the nation's capital, Paramaribo, just before midnight.

Day 2: Spend Sunday resting up after your travels. We'll do some team building and preparations for our upcoming clinics.

Day 3: We'll travel by land through the city and out to the jungle for our first clinic day in Moengo. 

Day 4: Day 2 of clinics! After a short drive and a 2-hour boat ride, give back to the local community by providing primary medical care on your first clinic day on the river in Suriname. 

Day 5: Venture to another remote village on the river to provide clinical care in its most basic form.

Day 6: Head to your third day of clinics. The clinics on the river get smaller and smaller with each day! Smiling crowds of patients await you.

Day 7: Final day of clinics! Today we will be providing health and hope to an island community on the river! After clinics, we'll head back to the capital city. This is a big day!

Day 8: Today we'll learn more about the history and culture of Suriname. Possible tours include a river dolphin tour or a sloth rehabilitation center. What's not to love!?

Day 9: Early in the morning fly through Port of Spain on your way back to the USA.

Past Trips

June 2016

October 2018

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