Reflection on Helping Babies Breath Training Evaluation

"Call me sister," Suzie, the midwife, said with a gentle voice and warm smile as she introduced herself to the simulated patient about to deliver a preterm baby.  We were evaluating the Helping Babies Breathe training that she had participated in 6 months prior.  My head knew this was only a simulation, but in that moment I was half expecting a real baby to be delivered.  Her grace and warmth filled the room but more impressive was her skilled movements from mom to baby to resuscitation.  This woman with so much wisdom and experience was at the same time embracing an opportunity to improve her skill.  After a couple minutes of troubleshooting together, the moment she successfully ventilated the baby could be read in the smile spread across her face.  That day I'd like to think I helped Suzie learn how to ventilate a baby better, and she taught me a lot about the power of smiles while introducing me to the sisterhood of midwives. 

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